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Community Youth EQUIP Conferences - 2023

Inspiring the Future

It is Time to Make a Difference

About the Conference

The series of Youth EQUIP Conferences is delivered by the Master Chimbala Foundation in partnership with Acme Mastering Institute and Dynamic Masterpiece. It is prepared for young people from teenagers to youthful age-groups. All the young people are invited and welcome to be part of these life-transforming and empowering conferences. The focus of these events is to enhance determination, personal focus, discipline, will-power and confidence in the lives of young people by inspiring them towards sobriety, personal leadership, career success, healthy relationships, sexual discipline, and personal development.

Participants of these conferences may also choose to join the Leadership Development for Change Programme, a mentorship journey designed for young people who wish to serve through outreaches in their communities, institutions and local areas to extend the reach of their exemplary leadership and positive lifestyles. They shall also be enrolled into the Leadership Development for Change Programme, a training journey for changemakers.  

Community Launches
Local Exhibitors


Thematic Areas

Career Success & Entrepreneurship

From engineers, social workers, entrepreneurs, journalists to developers, marketing managers, CEOs and policymakers – our Special Careers Talks and Entrepreneurship Talks are designed with a great deal of diversity. Your access to the conference gives you full access to all the careers talks. For you to understand today’s variety of career journeys and entrepreneurship opportunities to choose from, you need to build a deeper knowledge of the space of careers, markets and business locally and globally.

The Master Chimbala Foundation delivers various programmes through diverse platforms, projects, partners and activities. Check out these many great opportunities for your personal learning, transformation and growth. 


Counseling, Mentorship & Coaching

Ideas, Access, Opportunities for Business Training & Mentorship 


Constituency Development Fund (CDF)

Ideas, Access, Opportunities for Business Training & Mentorship 


Career Guidance, Scholarships & Enrollments

Contacts, Referrals & Key Information


Rehabilitation from tobacco, drugs & alcohol

Access, Referrals, Change Plan


Family Building & Planning

Steps to building a healthy, safe, and progressive family in the modern times.


Investments, Savings, Financial Resilience & growth

Character, Skills, Connections

This is Your Time!

Take the lead, make this your moment to shine.

Join the conference!

Thanks to our Partners

Many thanks to all the supporting partners who have enabled these conferences. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions

There are over 20 Community Youth EQUIP Conferences scheduled for 2023. Depending on the specific conference you can contact the MCF office on the details provided here to get all the necessary information of the conference you wish to attend.

Thanks for your interest in taking the lead with these conferences. There are ,many roles and  responsibilities you can take up along these events. You can volunteer to speech, teach, share, usher, donate or simply join the local organizing team. Contact us for more.

Local team determine how much each participate would have to contribute towards their tickets. However, K30 is the recommended ticket price for community conferences.

Yes, yes, yes! The entire event is full of interesting activities for you to learn and enjoy. This includes support group interactions, games, competitions, talks, exhibitions, exercises, talents presentations, group assignments and many more. Be part of the conference.

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Contact us for more details, guidance, partnerships, and tickets.


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