Media, Communication, Online, Broadcast, Publishing

About the Workshop

This workshop explores through multimedia spaces, ideas, innovations, productions, communications and broadcasts. 

The global media ecosystem has drastically changed. This has redefined the meaning of media works and workers. Even more, the future is presenting greater changes in the industry. Media has accounted for the large-scale globalization drift in the most recent years, and shall still account for wider changes in the next few years. The role of this workshop is to therefore address the changing spaces and provide guidance, inspiration, opportunities and direction towards new careers, entrepreneurial pursuits and adventures for young people as they embrace the future.  Among other areas the workshop shall explore:


Coaches, Speakers, Trainers


Media Mentorship Scholarships

Workshop Focus Areas


Websites Online Spaces

Many online activities are based on websites that delivers different functions and services including Facebook, YouTube, ETC. The workshop steps into see opportunities around website creations and platforms.


Digital Marketing, Sales & Communication

Digital advertising, marketing, communication and branding are new terms that are greatly used today. See how you can play a roles as a career and entrepreneur to maximize your presence.


Radio & Television

Learn how TV and Radio have changed from the ordinary operations and broadcast to the modern systems and business models.


The Social Media Vibe

The workshop shall share a global analysis of Social Media  and the multi-sectoral vibes that have been created. This shall also exhibit the business cases of social media globally and locally. Participants shall take the chance to hunt opportunities as they are being shared along this workshop.


Podcasts, Audio Works

The world of podcasts presents news pictures of audio and video to the global media consumers. Podcast is the new radio. Learn how you can produce, package, brand, broadcast and utilize podcasts in brands, business, communication and learning. 


Print Media

Check out the life of printed newspapers, magazines, leaflets, brochures, newsletters and more. Measure challenges and opportunities existing in this space.


How shall you take advantage of today's media growth and availability in order to add your own creativity and works?